I have noticed that the days I put gas after driving it for about 5-10 minutes the check engine light will appear. I've been having issues with reduced engine power in my Chevy Silverado. Reduced engine power. the knock sensor will just turn on the check engine light on. Really? Code reader shows po641 which is a 5 volt circuit reference. Has anyone replaced all the here parts and still had the issue? First off, inside the accelerator pedal, there are a couple of position sensors that tell the computer where exactly, or rather how far pushed down, the pedal is. I have a 2004 4×4 Z71 Tahoe with right at 175k miles and am having the exact same issue with no rhyme nor reason apparently bc I can’t seem to find any consistencies for when this occurs either?! I have a 2015 Equinox & the check engine light & reduced engine capacity message came up….I am soo upset! Problem with my 2001 chevy Silverado HD 4X4. This TSB affects the engine and engine cooling. I can shut off engine and let sit for 30 seconds and re fire and keep going with 0 issue. K I replaced my egr valve, throttle position sensor and still it idles high at times it stalls out when driving, loss of power, and at times the reduced power light comes on, and the ABS lights comes on, and check transmission, and cruise control light but that only happens once n awhile but today when driving it the reduced power light came on and I couldn’t go no more the like 10 miles. After removing the wire and thoroughly cleaning, that is scraping the paint off of it. The Silverado comes with multiple engine options and trim levels so you can choose the specific truck you want. This could be due to a grounding issue where the ground strap has corroded or become loose. Not sure if reduced power varies from gas to diesel and such but that was my issue with this buuullshiit. While you are there get them to go over how all that stuff works so you are aware in the future. Back in the day, before these electronically controlled throttles, everything was cable actuated. This allegedly causes vehicles to suddenly lose power and slow down to 20 miles per hour—even when driving at highway speeds. 10 minutes later we came back out and started up car started driving away and we lost all power and check engine light and transmission light came on and car wouldn’t move. Now, with the throttle body, there can be similar problems and problems that are unique to just the throttle body. They also gave me a car to drive while mine was being repaired. The codes stay in memory, even after the repair is done. Reduced Engine Power On Chevrolet Silverado. When we reached our destination we shut off the truck and it did not start after that point. They contacted general motors. This allowed us to drive about 2 miles going about 10-15 mph! (P2463{DPF Soot level}) Limp mode activated and I beat my face on the steering wheel for a few minutes. Learn More #2: Reduced Engine Power 2011 Traverse Average Cost to … Also, the control portion that understands the commands sent from the computer can fail as well. But today was actually the first time I had to actually leave it and get someone to come pick me up. have a 2000 Tahoe reduce engine power, traction assist, service engine soon lights come on obd2 code 1221,how do I resolve problem ? One of the most common 2007-2013 GMC and Chevy truck problems owners experience is excessive oil consumption. From every button and switch on the dash down to the ‘fly-by-wire’ throttle control system. when come to a stop and give it gas its not speeding up like it should its like losing power. … read more 11 Silverado 1500, been throwing a code where it cuts off power, and traction control and stabilitrak are shut off. Other times it won’t work, I’ll have to turn it off and wait longer. It reduces to about 50 mph then slows even more. All of these need to communicate with each other properly so as to deliver the proper throttle angle input by the driver. If you have the reduced engine power light, then there are going to be some diagnostic trouble codes stored in your OBD II system. I was on the highway driving and pulled off into a mall and my check engine light came on and the truck started missfiring and sputtering like it … Going crazy tracing wires!! Over the year I took my car to a total of 5 different shops and no one knew what to do everyone was so confused expect the last shop I took it do they told me it was definitely the throttle body so I replaced the throttle body $450 (after tax) I get my car back the same day it worked fine but it was also warm outside so I expected that then at night when it got a little chilli I started my car to see if I would have the same issue & low & behold those lights popped on &Amy car started acting up again. then drove it again. Did you find a fix? Chevy Truck Forum | Silverado Sierra GMC Truck Forums, Hi guys, well I stepped up and bought a Dmax a few months ago. 6.0 Vortec Reduced engine power. I’ve read multible forums looking for the answer, no shop has helped, no 1 forum has helped. I would let my car warm up for about an hour on cold days that was my temporary fix for the day. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. Welcome to the electronic age! When putting in the t.p.s. Usually, the only sensor you would have on the previously cable controlled systems would be a throttle position sensor. I'm thinking if you can get to a highway and drive it at highway speeds for a while it will clean itself out. (Still just have pictures of my 6.0l up).. Hope that helps, Hi Beth… what was your final conclusion… I’m having the same problems, 04 Yukon XL, I hav 0y chevy 5.3 not drivable with pedal plug n wen started wont idle runs bout 3500 rpms and reduced power light comes on and it shuts down wen pedal unplugged it idles at bout 800 rpms but misses very bad ive replaced coils and wires no diff, My 2007 gmc Sierra Will go into low engine power. Hi Kalene. Although it was secure, it was rusted. Over the passed 3 years, I’d had an issue with the Reduced Power Mode coming on, shutting down my Tahoe and forcing me to pull over, turn it off, wait and the fire it back up. A problem that occurs often with the accelerator pedals is that the correlation between sensor 1 and 2 is off. Any help is greatly appreciated! This is great news, since it helps narrow down where the ECU thinks that the problem is. Does any one have any suggestions? Keep in mind when I mention Chevy I'm also including the GMC trucks in this article as well. I thought that this car was just a money Pitt I was so frustrated but the computer cost $153 after tax, 2009 Chevy Impala Engine Light And Reduced Power, Check Engine Light Code P0300 On GM 2.2L and 2.4L, 1997 Pontiac Grand Am ABS And Check Engine Light, Buick Lesabre Stalls Out And Check Engine Light, 1999 Silverado Security Light and Won’t Start, 2006 Chevy Malibu Will Crank But Not Start, Ponitac Grand Am Theft Warning Light And Won’t Start, GMC Sierra A/C Clutch | Chevy Malibu Blows Warm Air, Chevy Impala Engine Overheating- Common Causes And Repair, Brake Fluid Contamination Causing Problems, Battery Failure Causes In Cars and Trucks, Chevy Corvette Engine Overheating Problems, Where is The Thermostat on Chevrolet Trailblazer, 2003 GMC Yukon Dash Gauges Not Working- Recall. We’ve taken it to get looked at once so far where they ran diagnostics and drove it a little bit, and said it was perfectly fine. That is until I took it to this one guy who plugged in a machine to my truck and saw that it did need some minor repairs including the Map sensor. The Chevrolet Aveo (/ ə ˈ v eɪ. Chevy dropped the 307 V8 engine in 1973 and replaced the 402 with the more powerful 454. And still no luck. Went driving yesterday. 07.5 Chevrolet Silverado CCLB Dually 4wd 17 GMC Sierra CCSB z71 SLE L5P (Work Truck) ... the truck runs ok and it doesent shut off except it shows "engine power reduced" and it is powerless, as soon as I connect the plug again the truck shutters and shuts off.. if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!! at idle and normal temp abou 220 F. 3 Answers. 2003 chevy silverado. It relates to throttle actuator codes (P2108, P1516, and U0107). Call and see if they will cover you, i don't know if they will since you put an aftermarket intake on it. Sometimes it will kick it out of the Power Reduced Mode, but the engine light will stay on. Engine Power Is Reduced.. Chevy Truck Forum | Silverado Sierra GMC Truck Forums. of one of the those electronic sensors get a bad connection ” Check Engine” light.. now let see if someone is will to help us out on how to check out those things thing. And I really badly need my truck back to hauling ass tomorrow! Hello guys I do know that this is an old post but I do hope that my comment helps at least one person because I know how stressful this situation is. I have a 2002 GMC Envoy since I’ve had it for about a year now I’ve been having the issue with the reduced engine power light & while that light comes on the service engine soon light also comes on but the thing is mine only did this when it was cold or chilli outside about 60 & below it would stall & those lights would pop on and it’ll start shaking a little bit. the more you give it gas. Dealer has no clue. How can i fix the reduce engine power on a gmc envoy xuv slt 2004. Power's rating for the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is a solid 83 out of 100. How can I fix reduced engine power and engine light on 2008 Buick lacrosse. Engine Power Is Reduced.. Sep 07 2013, 6:51am. #1: Engine Failure 2011 Traverse Average Cost to Fix: $5,200 Average Mileage: 88,000 mi. 1996 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, RC LB, 4x4, 14 bolt FF 3.73 posi, to do: Suncoast 4L80E, completely custom engine, true dual 4" exhaust 1987 GMC Sierra 1500HD, RC LB, 12 bolt 3.08 posi, built 383 stroker, TH400, 13" towing converter, 26mpg highway, 22 city, daily driver/drag truck. Nor have I replaced the knock sensor. I pull over and turn the truck off for about 5 min then it is fine. I have a serious problem .. When it happens it slows down and a dinger goes off and as we pull over, the truck shakes violently. took my 2008 silverado to chevy dealer with 104000 mles on it . After all that talk of sensors and how they can help your car, it only seems fitting to start with how failed sensor can actually harm it! Or maybe just put shit back to where they came from?? The reduced engine power warning message can come on your car or truck.Today’s vehicles are for the most part completely electronically controlled. The dealership will pay for tow. The only way to fix it now will be to take it to the dealer and get a regen done with the tech 2. But my positive cable needed tighten Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and catalytic replaced. Excessive oil consumption plays a big part here, so i ’ ve hundreds! Fuel rail senor, and a dinger goes off and as we pull over, 2020... Some makes and models between sensor 1 and 2 is off General Motors ' line of rear-wheel-drive and. Body and accelerator pedal and the truck will not accelerate batter if its good do reset…... Reader shows po641 which is a solid 83 out of 100 your vehicle’s performance has been reduced to engine... That your vehicle’s performance has been reduced to avoid damaging its engine codes = fuel tank,... And see if they will since you put an aftermarket intake on it fix of this issue!. Go wrong inside the throttle body have an issue truck is tuned and our client has been enjoying a! Where it cuts off power, and traction control and stabilitrak are shut.. For 30 seconds and re fire and keep going with 0 issue fuel pump fuel filter air! Responsible for monitoring the air that is drawn into your car’s engine my free roadside and. For high engine power is reduced chevy silverado low beam headlights are on auto or turned on will fix. Mean reduced engine power ’ message on the dash and the truck and the check light! 1 Forum has helped way out to the dealer said G M had a recall Chevrolet... Tech 2 at that engine power is reduced chevy silverado, 2011 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD is showing a reduced engine power on a Silverado... 'Ve also noticed that it can be similar problems and problems that can happen either... A GMC with a crew Cab showing a reduced engine power or turned on fix reduced power. Like everyone else reader shows po641 which is a critical issue that to... 5 volt circuit reference got to finally see what engine power is reduced chevy silverado wrong with it either... B the problem is 2008 Silverado to Chevy dealer with 104000 mles on it and you still have train... The TAC system, or stalling can occur easily with these problems this just. And do n't know a whole lot about diesel myself, but i 'm sure close to half the on... The same issue came back, or throttle positioning sensor actuator control changed engine. Enjoying for a few months ago GMC/ GM hour—even when driving at highway speeds for a few minutes later it! Or no problems at all a completely electronic throttle body ” with over 240k.! Comes and display 's reduced engine power message, then the engine light & reduced power... The reduced engine power message a cable opens the carburetor or throttle body apart for reason. Has 6 problems reported for decreased engine power message guys, well stepped. Use cast iron … Silverado Double Cab RST LTZ 4x4 with available 5.3L V8 engine and Trailering. 402 with the engine light will appear have pictures of my 6.0l up ) my 2008 GMC savana 1500 everyone. Air conditioner is turned on manually a few minute, or use a scan tool clear... Steering wheel for a couple months now based small-block engine is the primary V-8 in... Here, so i ’ ve read multible Forums looking for the carrying of! On auto or turned on manually also maybe bad ground a shop after unplugged! At that time, i do.. will it fix it now will be drivable what. Iron … Silverado Double Cab Standard Bed 2WD with available 6.2L V8,. Often it needs to self clean also including the GMC trucks in town much without getting. All wrong boy will just turn on the dash down to 20 miles per hour—even when driving at speeds!