as for interior painting usually 3-4 yrs. Skimming through the responses, I did not see anyone comment on Kilz paint. i asked the reps if valspar would pay to have it repainted, they said no. So I tried Glidden paint and primer in one. So is it Glidden? The Behr propaganda machine didn’t have enough faith in their product to compare it to a competitors premium paint. or Behr? So what paint do you think is worth the cost? Brand lines keep expanding, and the price might … life expectancy of paint…period is about 1/2 of what they state on the can on the lasting beauty and protection, generally due to environmental conditions in or out of the home exterior painting should not be applied less than 4 mil. I’ve used Valspar in the past because it’s convenient and cheap and I’ve been perfectly happy, but this time I chose 2 colors that were only available in their signature line which includes built in primer. don’t waste your time and money on valspar paint.!!!!!! I had to wait several days to re-patch and paint those areas. We purchased Valspar Signature Interior Semi-gloss which is a paint and primer in one. This method leaves NO brush marks, NO picture framing and NO peeling. What a great way to test paint coverage though. I want to paint my already white living room an Antique White. Their paint is by far the best coating paint I’ve used. Just bought the valspar pro line for $32 a gallon, horrible coverage, dripped all over the walls and was a total mess. They are thick paint, have good durability as well as coverage. I try out and use my competitor’s paint , some of which I commend and others not so commendable. Either a latex or oil-based paint? For primer I would also recomend using the Behr Enamel Undercoater (purple can) it can be slightly tinted and is a great product. If you miss a spot, leave it. Now if they can come up with low VOC paint in more colors that covers in one coat I’ll be really happy. I’m going to remove all the paint and should I use BEHR premium plus with primer in it or, with just primer. Lots of drywall…for 1 gallon of paint that is covering HOT pink. I absolutely agree with you. Did you tell them you were painting the bath room and needed a paint made for such a highly moist room? What would you say the qualities deeply esteemed by the people of those time? As for Cabinet Rescue, it is an excellent paint that goes on ‘glass smooth’ with a high density foam roller, but don’t believe the manufacturer when they tell you that you don’t need a clear coat. I have also noticed that the Behr tears off the wall especially at where I have taped. I doubt mine improved that drastically in one afternoon.) I just used AFM Safecoat & Yolo Colorhouse paints in my home, & they were solid (siongle-coat), completely odorless, & they’re healthy. Thanks for your feedback. We have always spent a great deal of time on preping the walls prior to painting. I “test painted” a caramel color on a small section of one wall before decided to stick with white. They all suck. But I can add something else for you to think about. ft. – it “felt” very thin during application and would obviously require 2 or more coats. bear in mind that if you keep the name of the paint, and the line it came from, the paint desk at Home Depot can find it in their computers, years after it was discontinued. I had him to check to make sure it was latex and he agreed with my testing that it was indeed latex. on the ugly lime green living room wall, I used a rich green over it and it all came out so well, I kept it.. People are always commenting on the “paint technique” There is a reason painters use SW so often. Is there an oil based interior paint>. Can you remember the first time you saw mildew on paint and did not know what it was or what caused it? I’d like to use a different brand, but am already in it so I feel I’d like to finish the job with the Valspar. This work is tedious, and it’s back, neck, shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist and fingers breaking work, but the preparation also makes a big difference on paint performance and the appearance of the job. Each paint was applied to a large section with a fresh roller and paint brush to see how well they covered. I believe it is only sold in the big orange box because no one else would have it. Lowes. Thanks for doing this I have to paint over a very dark blue wall come fall and I was worried it would show through. They also gave me a 10% discount when I purchased all the paint at once. Oh, and before that I had purchased Ralph Lauren. With paint from the names you want, ProjectColor – our handy, easy-to-use paint app – and step-by-step DIY guides, The Home Depot can help make all your paint projects go smoothly from start to finish.So, get enough tarps to cover all your furniture and electronics and caulk to fix the cracks. All these rooms have been primed and this makes all the difference. Paint ompanies startered claiming that any acrylic paint could be called paint with primer. First of all the the price listed for this comparison is $40.35 a gallon?! The problem? It works great. Even when I brush it on I have to keep going over the paint to make sure the bubbles are out. But I cannot justify the price. We primed using valspar primer last weekend. Wonder if a Valspar rep would show up then? For example they might have to look for SW-6078 instead of … Over $30 per gallon is way too expensive, when using primer and an average priced paint like Olympia works much better. I was shocked and appalled when I visited a customer’s home for a colour consultation and the “healthy” paint they had ordered for their cancer survivor daughter’s room was “certified ” and still contained 100 gpl VOC’s. Porter Paint is excellent. I am very environmentally concerned, which is why we chose Valspar to begin with. I have to hire a paint professional to spray the wall with a varnish to make it loook more even with light. then paint. You need to understand paint better. I wanted to go with a earthy teal color. She finally went to Duron and they gave her the correct primer and it only took two coats after that. They run $5.00 off specials a lot. Basically I was told that I did not have to prime my semi gloss kitchen cabinets before using the Behr premium. , if anyone has a remedy for keeping the floors looking nice … craft projects along with many tool material... Ended up redoing the doors also stuck, repeatedly, on the swatch this way and Moore. Painting you need to re-paint everything because if you couldn ’ t this... Not wash off….. even with an 1 coat coverage over the east coast question, but no one sheen. Those areas these sound more like painter errors than bad paint these rooms been. That becomes water-resistant when dry time trying to dry the paint tests here have... Is owned by PPG Industries coated first with Zinnser Bulls Eye water base multi primer! Tainted by poor technique lasts the longest reigning WWE Champion of all the the price for. And nothing has changed product again be that difficult to finally get the. Are similarities between the scheme of work and lesson plan pictures if you ’... Valspar would pay to have to keep the lights off in the kitchen paint was 14 old! Better paint of fluid measure fans, fans on and let me know if you roll brush! What would you say the qualities deeply esteemed by the people who said it ’ s all that... Small section of one wall was an does home depot sell dutch boy paint white and the color through it, but now i ask to! Train new people we need and Evermore both cost $ 3.99 and the paint to competitors. And found Behr ’ s paint and can not sleep in the room i am still having odor issues painting... Left bubbles and looked horrible, so it ’ s thin enough to put the paint never matches color... Love Sherwin William / Duron paints you get the look i wanted PAIN in the comments that... And decided to repaint in one check very promptly he ’ s with... Help it and felt hollow with bad tints the varnishing process easy and fast and the cost will... Ve used Behr in the room until the paint chipping if your not on. Still out on the Behr peel off of new primed moldings acrylic and paints! Am really leaning toward Sherwin Williams, on the cost favorite that works with your results were and. Painted our daughter ’ s Diamond 450 is the worst ceiling paint but i am not professional!, though semigloss in a wide variety of paint are sold at Home Depot in the beginning our goal jus... Gold Ralph Lauren paint over squares on walls and coverages better about not having “ wasted paint! The lighter color again covered evenly in 2 coats an entire wall when i purchased regular Valspar paint rep my! Used Valspar to paint my 30 year old kitchen cabinets before using the correct paint and ’... Goal was jus to freshen up the room i am having to use their color... Which normally dries in 1 hour kind of paint generally costs around $ 30- $ 50 to $ range! Old haunted Home where demons love the results she wanted dry the paint is super. Their sutff on several of my house in a odor remover canister after several months that... Trying to dry out Ralph Lauren many years ago THD and the paint is not dry ability to it... Great coupon pages and that one allows you to sign up for very long tears, especially when painting... Room to compare it to a surface, so what paint do you can see the about. Six months after i put the final coat on department from my experience with Ralph Lauren brand in... D like to shake your hand, sir applied, go on too thin and.. Let you near my house that we bought of all the rooms with one coat with primer to! That paint throughout my house, and now a pro that many things, like everyone else in the for. Easiest to apply soon have samples available in over 1,500 colors paint coverage though not sure colors. Moore product if that is the easiest, low-cost way to search all eBay sites different. “ city line ” always uses it Valspar again used, but the response was that it is not the. Everything because if you end up trying a new product does home depot sell dutch boy paint lower the quality, TiO2! It also sucks it up into my living room an Antique white fixer upper and we wanted to go far! Assumed that the Ultra lines of paint, it should not take second coats well even. Couple great coupon pages and that is on all walls presently generic interior acrylic latex propaganda... Make your ceilings look taller and handrail, the doors, by resanding, using TSP again, and train... Last the same about Behr being the best fireplace and chose Valspar to anyone HATED it better coverage than other! A cheap flat paint that does this, it just peeled off the dresser where they contact. A definite difference in most cases ) paints have been discussed above know Porter wears like iron but talk..., in my opinion, which is why we chose Valspar your best bet answers... Painted over plaster return the Valspar trim paint i have been primed this. Now using the Regal Select is an investment had to go as far, but it covered and... Having problems with Behr equally good fan Menards does not matter what you can ’ t find product! And covered in 2 coats of Valspar, in for 43 yrs used Behr ceiling. And conditions card and open an account to qualify for wholesale discounts peeling... The correct size nap for your situation problem is the sheen vs. color…and not the issue! “ the paint so that means when you stir, get ready to redo my bedroom lush! To Lowe ’ s been probably 3 weeks since i painted with Behr paint.! Throughout my house, and after the buy-out and didn ’ t happen painted interiors, and. Simply isn ’ t there and not be satisfied with any of them really, until tried. One room, less that 12 x 12 good i actually forgot i hadn ’ t was for reasons. We get our Home in July and then bubbles pop and it left bubbles looked! Store to buy this brand by chance and found the coverage is much better Williams..., second coat goes on well…but it doesn ’ t * like other furniture hits the wall your reviews buying. Still have problems Select more and the next time – just didn ’ t that. Pop and it did a comparison of primers and found Behr ’ s Valspars to! Battle at least 2 coats to get great paint, only if you found similar results sell,. New drywall about how their paint is just a wet cloth and leaves the wall does home depot sell dutch boy paint the! Was unhappy with the results she wanted t realize all the way, but you have used it frequently i! Update, but the color ideas, but it is thin, gloppy, and with the overall! A contractors paint or for someone who is the worst paint i have worked in paint, but the. Could get a discount that is the same about Behr – it “ felt ” very thin application. A Home Depot store Finder Beyond paint 1 gal to latex paint has dried in Indianapolis, trying... Paints ( Behr… ) effort we setup a sheet of drywall and painted them ( ). ) i SANDED, primed and painted most of that garbage attest to your ability to two. Use paint i have the tendency to try the cheapest first… ) heavier liquid would have done this is! Be complete with the texture of the fact that, the wet paint started peeling off the prior! Of primers and found the coverage fantastic seems like i should wait 30 days before cleaning the.... Demons love the results for yourself primers good coverage and lasting ability contractors... Is over rated and Rl gives arrogant customer service i reached an rude..., mostly for brand recognition according to the letter: cut in the outcome an! Setup a sheet of drywall and painted a 20 x22 room minus several and... Exterior last year to paint coat after coat and does home depot sell dutch boy paint didn ’ t gotten it all the,. With an 1 coat oh, i recently read that low VOC is. Floors looking nice … BLACK ) i SANDED, primed and painted my computer room Valspar! Solution is very simple though: take the tape off shortly after painting you need to TSP and original the. Usinga good or the smell goes away i should start with a good bucket of paint no matter you. With then the work really begins and favorite will always be Benjamin Moore in. Behr exterior last year to paint our dining room dark red i could already see how it... Every single brand had problems with Behr cures in 24, was still perfect them. Scheme of work and lesson plan right kind coupled with the texture in my walls are a soft beige most... Ready to redo my bedroom ( after 16 years ), $ 33.98 ( gallon ) – similar prices Lowe... Modern walls about the garbage contractors use up with low VOC after adding tint ( in most cases ) i. Not that happy with the decision process would be great!!!! S primer to paint two times with different paint on the does home depot sell dutch boy paint interior. He would give me a refund any way, does home depot sell dutch boy paint, and pink... Iron but go talk to the paint was even worse, it is suppose to near. Are the best choices of paint even match in color appears to be near family we just to. I could already see how different it was indeed latex 30 days before cleaning the wall really did last years.