Campsites are plentiful during the summer months, as the temps hover in the 90's, and as you get closer to the waters edge, its more quiet due to the proximity of the highway. Just to the north of Hawthorne is Walker Lake. Walker Lake is a wonderful place that should be enjoyed by people of all ages. Endless rows of ammunition bunkers dot both sides of the road. We decided to stop at Walker Lake in Northern Nevada to use the rest rooms. Walker Lake - Sportsman's Beach Recreation Site in Hawthorne, Nevada: 9 reviews, 5 photos, & 2 tips from fellow RVers. My wife and I traveled back from UC Davis in California today. You don”t need to be there during the summer. The peaceful […] Besides the oppressive heat Walker Lake becomes infested with the CREEPY. Since the early 1950’s, the Lahontan cutthroat trout (LCT) fishery was maintained only through stocking. Actually, they were everywhere. For decades, this desert oasis has become party central for the orb weaver spider family reunion. Walker Lake, some 90 miles southeast of Reno, is a remnant of ancient Lake Lahontan, which covered much of northwestern Nevada until it dried up some 9,000 years ago. Then you’ll hate Nevada’s top mascot. The East Walker river drains into it and over the past 20 years has become shallower and shallower. August 12, 2013, 2:35 PM. Walker Lake is a terminal lake (lake with no outlet) that is fed by the Walker River with its headwaters in the Sierra Nevada (California). Walker Lake is located in an enclosed basin, bounded by the Wassuk Range to the west and the Gillis Range to the east. Nevada”s Walker Lake might look like a peaceful place where it is possible to stop and appreciate the wonders of the American Southwest. "Shortly after arriving here, we started noticing an unusual prevalence of very large spiders. Walker Lake camping provides summer swimming and boating, hiking, great places to explore with your offroad vehicle or mountain bike, and views of wild mustangs and bighorn sheep. The place was covered by hundreds of thousands of spiders...including the restrooms; almost anywhere you could imagine a spider spinning a web. Walker Lake, Nevada, U.S. 95. The lake is fed by the Walker River, which flows in from the north. Learn more about Walker Lake, Nevada. Walker Lake - Sportsman's Beach Recreation Site in Hawthorne is rated 7.1 of 10 at Campground Reviews. Walker Lake is a natural lake, in the Great Basin in western Nevada in the United States.It is 11 mi (17 km) long and 5 mi (8 km) wide, in northwestern Mineral County along the east side of the Wassuk Range, about 75 mi (120 km) southeast of Reno.The lake is fed from the north by the Walker River and has no natural outlet except absorption and evaporation. If you have even the remotest hint of arachnophobia, don’t visit Nevada’s Walker Lake in August during the blue damselfly hatch. It’s known for fishing for cutthroat trout, boating, camping, but most especially, for the legend of the Tawaga, or Cecil, the Sea Serpent of Walker Lake. Most of the time that”s true, except during the summer. 12 reviews of Walker Lake "The place is perfect for one trying to conquer Arachnophobia. It is a remnant of ancient Lake Lahontan that once covered most of the Great Basin. (Pyramid Lake in Nevada is the other.) Don’t like giant spiders? Read full article. Hawthorne Nevada is a U.S. Army Depot where ammunition is made, tested and stored. Walker Lake is a beautiful natural lake in Nevada, approximately 75 miles southeast of Reno. It is a terminus lake: a lake with no outflow, fed by the Walker River. Harmless spiders abound, and if you can get through that, you will certainly enjoy the peaceful setting. We've stopped there five or six times in the past year, but this time was a little different.

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