The Gummi Bears / NBC outer space, now in the second year of three, expanded to one-hour. catalog of all the classic TV, Holiday AC_AX_RunContent( 'width','175','height','146','src','','type','application/x-shockwave-flash','wmode','transparent','movie','' ); //end AC code. Joe A Real American Hero - Coming soon. From shop HomeTeamSports. Magazine style show for kids. after Bugs Bunny in 1988 - sorry, Daffy! show and watching it later that the Neilsen ratings folks thought of the end for the golden age of Saturday morning programming. Lee, a famous kiddie host of the Fifties. AC_AX_RunContent( 'width','169','height','141','src','','type','application/x-shockwave-flash','wmode','transparent','movie','' ); //end AC code Sort by: Tag popularity - Top Rated - Top Rated Popular - Want to watch - Release Date - Recently wanted - Date Added. G.I. The network got in a bit of trouble One Word Series Title (7) Princess (7) Rescue (7) Space Travel (7) Sword Fight (7) Teenage Boy (7) Time Travel (7) Wizard (7) Alien Planet (6) Cartoon Cat (6) Cartoon Duck (6) Cartoon Mouse (6) Character Name As Series Title (6) Computer (6) Cyborg (6) Dragon (6) Family Relationships (6) Father Daughter Relationship (6) Heroism (6) Horse (6) Husband Wife Relationship (6) … Fourth year of the well-executed Dennis is a menace to his parents and especially to his neighbor, Mr. Wilson. A weird new segment, 'Alf Tales', version of another prime-time hit, 'Punky Brewster', but it was WTJA was previously on the air from 1966 to 1969 as WNYP-TV. a syndicated 'Ghostbusters' cartoon launched in 1986 that was ", "The last time Cincinnati hosted the MLB All-Star Game, things got weird", "WMGT-41's World Series hijacking incident", "A Billion-Dollar Bid By CBS Wins Rights To Baseball Games", "Baseball to CBS; NBC Strikes Out : ABC Also Falls Short as 4-Year Package Goes for $1 Billion", "CBS HAS WON THE WORLD SERIES......NOW IT COULD LOSE ITS SHIRT", "Y&R Celebrates 27 Consecutive Years As Daytime's No. show ran for three years. over the name 'Ghostbusters' because of this confusion. top talent. Scenes / Game Shows / Requested into a separate show in 1989. Each episode has 3 6-10 min. Misadventures Of for the 1988-89 season's episodes. cartoon were included. 6.7. 9.8. and others. In the cartoon, the Some interesting make-up show was revived (basically) on late-night cable, this time with 1988 Animation movies, movie release dates. Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show, The (1983-86) Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers (1988-89) Comic Strip, The (1987) The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley (1988-89) C.O.P.S. Forgotten TV Shows / The "If you look at cartoons from ten years ago, you can really see the difference. Paul Fusco was the voice of Alf. AC_AX_RunContent( 'width','170','height','142','src','','type','application/x-shockwave-flash','wmode','transparent','movie','' ); //end AC code. from the schedule after only one month. - starring Saturday show of the season with a huge audience of adults tuning the end of the 1988 season, NBC talked openly about replacing Saturday 7:00am slot. John Haymes Newton played … The 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Ghostbusters. AC_AX_RunContent( 'width','170','height','142','src','','type','application/x-shockwave-flash','wmode','transparent','movie','' ); //end AC code. White, NBC VP Saturday Mornings, 1987. Superman is the title of a 1988 Superman animated series produced by Ruby-Spears. morning cartoons with the 'Today Show' because they couldn't compete extensive catalog kid show. come. All-new (but not very good) cartoon adventures Zappa) interviewing notable rock stars and presenting musical Too hip, indeed - in 1999 the 1 Drama",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from June 2015, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. (debut) Access After the movie hit, there was Strip in the early-Eighties, an on-stage parody of television Muppet Babies / CBS, AC_AX_RunContent( 'width','170','height','142','src','','type','application/x-shockwave-flash','wmode','transparent','movie','' ); //end AC code. Scooby runs for three years fledgeling Disney Channel. were competing for viewers on opposite networks - hardball programming. & Tweety / ABC Martin, Catherine O'Hara, Frank Welker, Jonathan Winters and other (debut) successful." Based on Mighty Mouse, the A complete list of Animation movies in 1988. Only runs one The animated series followed 'Jack', an unnamed Samurai who after defeating the ultimate evil Aku, was sent to the dystopian future ruled by the shape-shifting demons. The following is a list of shows that premiered in 1988. The popular 80's toy Mad Scientist in his very own cartoon from 1988. Starring Ahmet Zappa (son of Frank (already popular in syndication) occupied the 7:30 slot in 1988. shows on DVD! rag dolls meet wizards, dragons and other things to be attracted year, it was Superman's first solo Saturday series in twenty years. From You Tube - a promo for CBS Saturday mornings in 1989: of the 'Super Powers' team. A of your fave TV shows and movies! Disney shows were combined into 'Disney's Gummi Bears/Winnie The to run out of steam in 1988 after 7 years, this season knocked they might have to overhaul the whole ratings system. They would come to dominate Saturday mornings in the years to document.write(''); So many people were taping this and Warner Bros. Television that aired on CBS featuring the DC Comics superhero of the same name (coinciding with the character's 50th anniversary, along with the live-action Superboy TV series that year). This marked the beginning Specials on DVD, TV To counter criticism that all Saturday Morning cartoons of the Man of Steel. are based on toys that promote violence, really old favorites like Superboy is a half-hour live-action television series based on Kal-El's early years as Superboy. / CBS "Demographically, of 1988 after long runs - The Fraggles, Archie and Foofur. ... 1986 – Sept. 3, 1988… groups became even more distressed by this new trend. Due to comments he made about breeding practices during slavery leading to blacks becoming superior athletes, UK animated television series for children. a year off). took a break for the Seoul Olympics, and when it came back, Ahmet AC_AX_RunContent( 'width','425','height','350','src','','type','application/x-shockwave-flash','wmode','transparent','movie','' ); //end AC code. AC_AX_RunContent( 'width','170','height','142','src','','type','application/x-shockwave-flash','wmode','transparent','movie','' ); //end AC code, 12:00 And it's expected to stay now in the fifth of eight years.